Hey Surf Instructors!

(That’s what I call the adults who are helping kids learn to be Surfari Pals.) First of all, thank you for looking into subscribing to the Surfari Pals at-home Surf Club. I’m excited to work with you and help teach your children principles, values, good character, manners, and basic life skills, while also helping them learn to serve, say, and do things for others. When children learn to serve others at a young age, it becomes a habit and then they go out into their communities, schools, and even in their own home, teaching others to do the same.

In this first box you and your child will find the following: 

  • Lesson book (I call these Surf Lessons)
  • Surfboard poster with sticker templates. This one is the Funboard. 
  • Sticker 
  • Certificate of Awesomeness
  • Motto postcard
  • Surfboard cookie cutter and sugar cookie recipe 
  • Surfari Pals bracelet
  • Neon green Surfari Pals backpack

So what is all of that stuff for? 

Each lesson book has a lesson, a goal sheet, fun facts about the ocean animal represented by each character, and activity/coloring sheets. The lessons are written on a 3rd grade reading level, so your child should be able to understand on their own; however, we encourage you to read along with your child and then discuss the goal sheet with them. This is where your child will chart his/her achievements while practicing the lesson. Each lesson should be demonstrated with, or witnessed by, an adult. Once the child has demonstrated a clear understanding of the lesson, and has consistently put it into practice, he or she should be awarded the “Certificate of Awesomeness.” Simply write their name on it, congratulate them, and give them their sticker to be placed on the poster. Repetition and constant reviews of each character's lesson are profitable to help turn these lessons into new habits. In subsequent kits, we will have review puzzles and games. An email with fun activities and games will go out each month, too. This will help you and your Surfari Pal stay on track.

To see other examples of lessons our characters will teach your child,

click here.

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